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FADER Mix: patten

After patten’s memorable Dollars to Pounds interview, a somewhat esoteric but certainly clear-minded conversation about the subjectivity of reviews and value systems in music, and with this week’s release of his new album for Warp, … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Interview with patten

“Hopefully alive, but then if not, that’s fine too” Selim Bulut is a music writer who lives in London. He has the most meticulously organized iTunes folder in the land. He’ll be writing about some … read more »

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Stream These Peaking Lights Remixes All Day

Although we’ve spent a good amount of time enjoying Peaking Lights’ blissed and dubbed out 936 over here in the states, it’s just now seeing release in the UK on Weird World Records. It’s a … read more »

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Video: Patten, “Plurals”

This video, in conjunction with Patten’s music, makes me feel many things at once. Firstly, I feel like maybe something is wrong with my computer, and the spinning wheel of doom will materialize to let … read more »

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Patten’s FACT Mix MP3

Patten’s mix for FACT starts off with a strange, dreamlike layering of Jim O’Rourke and The Pixies, and segues into an indistinguishable slur of lots of other identifiable favorite rendered almost unidentifiable from Fleetwood Mac, … read more »

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Patten, “Fire Dream” MP3

How did we get here? Patten’s “Fire Dream” is slippery. It sounds like it was built on found sounds with no regard for audio quality. Just a patchwork of hiss and submerged drums. It’s an … read more »

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