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Stream: I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L.I.F.E. (as channeled by Prince Rama), “Those Who Live For Love Will Live Forever”

For Ten Hits For The End of The World, their upcoming LP on Paw Tracks, the Larson sisters hatched a premise so elaborate that it’s almost hard to believe they went through with it. Imagine … read more »

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Prince Rama, “Rest in Peace” MP3

Last summer, when Prince Rama hit the live circuit around New York, we spent a lot of time trying to come to terms with their live show. To describe it as “pummeling” wouldn’t do it … read more »

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A Tripwire Guide to the Best Unofficial, Badge Be Damned CMJ Parties

Sort of like a Lonely Planet just for CMJ. And you. read more »

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Black Dice To Release Fifth Full-Length Album In April

Brooklyn-based noise rock trio Black Dice will be following up 2007′s Load Blown with their fifth official full-length release, REPO, in April. read more »

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