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Live: Phosphorescent at Bowery Ballroom

Matthew Houck’s career could have gone a couple ways. As Phosphorescent, he initially occupied the burned-out freak folk landscape of New York, coming in on the tail end of a post-Devendra Banhart, post-utopian California folk … read more »

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Stream: Phosphorescent, “Song For Zula”

“Song For Zula” feels like some sort of arrival for Matthew Houck, bka Phosphorescent. Eschewing the country elements of his previous records, Houck instead shifts toward a slower piece with a soft electronic touch. It’s … read more »

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Family Band’s Upstate Forest Party

Just outside of Delhi, New York, a small town that still has dime store candy, is Miller Path. It’s a gnarled, gravel road with grass that swishes against the bottom of your car when you … read more »

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Video: Phosphorescent, “It’s Hard to be Humble (When You’re From Alabama)”

Somewhere between Pride and Here’s to Taking it Easy, Phosphorescent/Matthew Houck turned into a pretty legit rock star. We’re not just saying it because “It’s Hard to be Humble When You’re From Alabama” sounds like … read more »

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Video: Phosphorescent, "It's Hard To Be Humble (When You're From Alabama)"

Of the many things we’ve deduced from watching the gorgeous, Natalie Johns-directed clip above, one will remain most pressing: we need a motorcycle. Phosphorescent, “It’s Hard To Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama)” MP3 Download


Listen: The Happen-Ins, "Work My Way Up Steady"

Southern indie rock enthusiasts breathed a collective sigh of relief on Tuesday when police found Phosphorescent’s once-stolen van and all of the band’s equipment – $40,000 worth of guitars, mics and picks – completely unharmed. … read more »

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Phosphorescent Finds His Gear and His Own Double Rainbow

Phosphorescent makes some pretty sad tunes sometimes. Even so, he seems like a pretty happy-go lucky dude, something that came through loudly in his adorable letter to his fans this past weekend, who showed a … read more »


Phosphorescent, “We’ll Be Here Soon” Live at Other Music

With the highest of summer heights always comes an equally crushing low—the morning after, the evening spent watching bootleg movies on the TV Guide channel because we can’t afford cable, or on rainy July days … read more »

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Listen: Phosphorescent's "The Mermaid Parade"

A uh, friend of ours takes guitar lessons every week and he told us this really cute story recently. His guitar teacher was packing up for the day and peacocking/grumbling because a few of his … read more »

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Phosphorescent, “Mermaid Parade” MP3

On “Mermaid Parade” Matthew Houck sounds, as usual, resigned to exhaustion. It’s all in his vocals, which are filled with dark corners and left-field moans that don’t sound healthy coming from someone so young. But … read more »

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