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Pica-Post’s Latest Menswear Zine

It’s always a good day when menswear experts and Manchester boutique Oi Polloi release an edition of their awesome zine Pica-Post. Issue 4 is a doozy. Themed around “rock gods,” they take a psychedelic bent … read more »

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Pica-Post’s Rugged Return

Manchester menswear shop Oi Polloi has launched the third installment of their creative in-house publication Pica-Post today. The vibe this time around is bigger and brasher—a hunting theme runs throughout represented by four key menswear … read more »

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First Look: Batten Sportswear’s Debut Collection in Pica Post

Our favorite Manchester boutique for woodsy dudes Oi Polloi also has a zine called Pica Post, and in their next issue, they have an exclusive look at the debut collection of Batten Sportswear. A nautically-tinged … read more »

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Pica-Post’s Smooth Second Issue

Oi Polloi of Manchester is one of the best go-to stores in the world for heritage brands and exemplary style. Now they’re trying to establish themselves as a publisher with Pica Post, an inventive zine … read more »

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Oi Polloi’s New Publication Pica-Post

Guess it wasn’t enough for Manchester’s Oi Polloi to just be one of the best menswear shops in the world, they’ve also had to show up everyone in the graphic design world as well. Last … read more »

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