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Video: Pink Dollaz Still Tasty

Pink Dollaz were performing shows and posting videos before any of their parents knew about the group. Then, out of the blue, one of the girls’ dad confronted them with a printed-out page of their … read more »

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Video: Pink Dollaz, “Get Up Out of My Face” (Live in LA)

Live at Freak City in LA, here’s Pink Dollaz’ snide “Get Up Out of My Face,” a choreographed, dolled-up response to the men and paparazzi that won’t leave them alone.

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Coming Soon: Pink Dollaz Still Tasty

Here’s a taste of the four ladies of Pink Dollaz’ upcoming uncapped documentary, a look at how they’re crafting a solid real-life group in the wake of surprise success online.

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Photos: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE in Los Angeles

vitaminwater uncapped LIVE hit LA’s Freak City in full force last night. DJ SkeetSkeet warmed up with an appropriately broad set, ranging from dubstep to ASAP Rocky. LA’s own Pink Dollaz hit the stage next. … read more »

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Los Angeles: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE with Lil B, Young L and Pink Dollaz

The vitaminwater uncapped LIVE series hits Los Angeles this Tuesday, August 16th with the world’s foremost rapper-slash-cult-leader Lil B The Based God. Also on deck is B’s old Pack-mate Young L, who just yesterday dropped … read more »

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