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Play-N-Skillz On The State Of Dallas Rap

Play-N-Skillz don’t get to New York much. It might be because they’re too busy painting Dallas red, or Cowboys colors, or whatever color people from Dallas spill when they party as hard as they do. … read more »


FADER 56: Dallas Rap Feature

After the jump, read Felipe Delerme’s piece on the locally massive, globally underappreciated Dallas scene revolving around production duo Play-N-Skillz and larger than life rappers Tum Tum, Big Tuck and Fat Bastard.

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Freeload: Capone-N-Noreaga, “Hug The Block” + “Money”

It’s not a 100-degree spring day without a little NORE, so, as if summoned by the vengeful gods who’ve turned New York into boiling cauldron the last few days (We are wearing cut-offs in the … read more »

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Audio: Play-N-Skillz f. Lil Jon, Krayzie Bone & Bun B, “1 Mo Gin”

Bun B and Krayzie Bone do a good job on what amounts to a big room house song. This is rap now! Seriously though we’re not mad, we are actually smiling.

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