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Stream: Rico Love f. Plies, “Drunk in Love”

Daughter of a preacher but what we do he don’t need to know is right. Here, Plies plays the Jay Z to Rico Love’s Beyoncé on this extra-dirty flip of Yoncé’s “Drunk in Love.” For … read more »

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Stream: Plies f. 2 Chainz, “See Nann Nigga”

Some artists burn out, some get lazy and others find their careers have multiple acts. With a few recent verses, Plies has signaled that it’s too early to count him out. On “See Nann Nigga,” … read more »

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Stream: Waka Flocka f. Plies, “Lurkin”

“Lurkin,” the latest release from Waka Flocka’s second album, pits him with Floridian rapper, Plies. It’s a deft pairing. When Plies gets aggressive, his voice has a tendency to switch from drawling and sweet (see: … read more »

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Rocko ft. Plies, “Goin’ Steady (Remix)” MP3

Sonically Rocko‘s minor hit “Goin’ Steady” would dissolve into any radio playlist of Drakey love raps but let the lyrics sink in and notice that it’s, in fact, one of the more remorseless and gangsta … read more »

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Video: DJ Khaled f. Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne and T-Pain, “Welcome To My Hood”

We keep coming back to this song even though it sounds exactly like every other DJ Khaled posse cut to the point that T-Pain could probably copyright the way he sing-yells “hood.” Rick Ross has … read more »

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Bobby V f. Plies, "Phone #" MP3

It’s rare that Bobby V channels the Gloved One, considering the Blue Kolla crooner is more known to do the bedrock shuffle, not MJ’s early hotfoot disco. With Bobby’s next album titled Fly On The … read more »

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Plies f. Young Jeezy and Fabolous, “Look Like” MP3

So maybe we already posted about both Plies and Young Jeezy today, but let’s keep it going. Recently, both Rick Ross and Jeezy released songs that meld their booming voices to beats that feel more … read more »

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Video: Young Jeezy f. Plies, “Lose My Mind”

New car/ Old money/ D-boy stuntin. So this is the mission statement for the third installment of Jeezy’s Thug Motivation, where he has transformed from the street life coaching of 101 to something of a … read more »

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Young Jeezy f. Plies, “Lose My Mind” MP3

Jeezy unleashes the first leak from Thug Motivation: 103 with Plies yelling his balls off on a verse. Produced by Drumma Boy’s The Drum Squad, it follows Jeezy’s pattern of putting out singles that make … read more »

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DJ Khaled f. Young Jeezy, Plies and Rick Ross, “Put Your Hands Up” MP3

Whenever Jeezy hops on posse cuts, he usually goes first. Which is good for him, and weird for every other rapper thereafter, because then they have to rap in a weird hoarse yell so they … read more »

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