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Stream: Psychic Ills, “It Might Take A While”

Normally, when I think of the Psychic Ills, I think first of New York City, and then of the sort of enigmatic mentality whereby a group from that often fickle and fashion-bent town might wish … read more »

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Video: Psychic Ills, “Take Me With You”

Listening to Psychic Ills feels like being slowly crushed by a giant safe that is full of smoky riffs instead of money. “Take Me With You” only takes that whole idea further, layering somber organ … read more »

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Open Bar: Psychic Ills

Recently at Veronica Peoples Club in Greenpoint, Psychic Ills drank beer and talked about moving from Berlin to New York. The band has a new record out on Sacred Bones called Hazed Dream. They played … read more »

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This Post is High on Psychedelics

Continuing their epic FRKWYS series, where older and newer folks from the outside lands of the musical playing field pair up, RVNG has matched up New York squall seekers Psychic Ills with Hans-Joachim Irmler of … read more »

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Indian Jewelry and Psychic Ills to Tour This Summer

Sweaty dudes once again at home at windowless basement shows. read more »

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Hopewell Announces Details Of Good Good Desperation Release

The funny thing about Hopewell is that they have been sorely overlooked by those who like the psychedelic, dreamy pop being made by bands like Animal Collective, Dungen or to a lesser degree, Dirty Projectors, mainly because they brewed their cred in upstate New York versus Manhattan or Brooklyn. But that might change with the release of Good Good Desperation in May. read more »

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Psychic Ills – "Fingernail Tea"

After spending 2007 exploring various collaborations and personal projects, New York’s we-were-psych-before-it-was-cool-to-be-psych Psychic Ills united in early 2008 to record the follow up to their acclaimed debut Dins. Entitled Mirror Eye, the new full-length will be released on January 20, once again on Social Registry. read more »

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