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Psychobuildings Stopped By Viva Radio

As young bands have been wont to do. Brooklyn’s Psychobuildings, an electro throwback trio that includes Small Black’s Juan Pieczanski, rolled through Viva Radio’s Brooklyn studio for an interview and performance not too long ago. … read more »


Peter’s House Music (Peter Schuette of Psychobuildings + Silk Flowers), “The Mirror Has 2 Faces” MP3

Peter Schuette is the wizard behind the keys in Psychobuildings and Silk Flowers and formerly of Soiled Mattress and the Springs. Literally look at the dude he is clearly a wizard. Peter’s House Music is … read more »

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Psychobuildings, “Terror Management” MP3

According the great equalizer Wikipedia, terror management is “the implicit emotional reactions of people that occur when confronted with the psychological terror of knowing we will eventually die.” So this is basically a dance song … read more »

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Psychobuildings, “No Man’s Land” MP3

Okay so say you are a new band right now and the internet suddenly takes notice of you and before you know it you’re on a stage in front of the entire music community and … read more »

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Psychobuildings, “Portrait” MP3

We’ve thus far compared Psychobuildings to just about every atmospheric ’80s band we’ve ever liked, and “Portrait” isn’t going to make us stop. It’s pretty much everything that was cool about The Cure and Depeche … read more »

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Psychobuildings, “Dirty Rainbows” MP3

It’s funny because we were just thinking about what it would’ve sounded like if Suicide had been produced by Nile Rodgers, like super crisp and clear and still possibly insane but brain patterns completely legible. … read more »

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Psychobuildings, “Birds of Prey” MP3

We debate a lot around here about many things—what’s the best flightless bird, who was the best vice president, is waka flocka serious—but one frequently recurring topic is what’s going to come after the lo-fi … read more »

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