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Ratatat Goes Bananas for Prada’s New Campaign

Prada‘s spring collection is the gift that keeps on giving. We looooooooved the monkey prints and frumpy shoulders when we saw them back in September, and now we love the collection even more in motion … read more »

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Video: Ratatat, “Neckbrace”

Pretty sure we know who directed this new totally insane, totally awesome Ratatat video. Also that giant bust of Beethoven is totally scary.

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Ratatat, “Neckbrace (Hyetal RMX)” MP3

Did you notice how on this year’s LP4, Ratatat attempted to make the bare minimum in change to a sound that’s proven effective for them for years now? No? Well, that’s what Hyetal is here for. … read more »

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Video: Ratatat, “Drugs”

It looks like Ratatat hired a bunch of people who don’t look like they’re drug users to act like they are. We just read that James Franco has never done drugs in his entire life, … read more »

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Ratatat Vacation To Vietnam, Bring Back "Mahalo" Video

Ratatat’s new video for “Mahalo” fits its lazy melody very nicely. Evan Mast is behind the camera, going upriver in Vietnam (and touching into Laos) as palm trees and thatched-roofed hamlets float by. The last time … read more »


Actual Vacation Videos: Ratatat, “Mahalo” and Hot Spa, “Kiola Beach”

Ratatat’s Evan Mast filmed the “Mahalo” video while riding on calm rafts through Vietnam and Laos. Hot Spa’s “Kiola Beach” was cobbled together from their own 1970s family footage chilling on the South and North … read more »

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Stream: Ratatat’s Album LP4

Underneath the above photo on the NPR website, the credit says, “courtesy of the artist.” Yeah, no kidding. Ain’t no one else to get light shooting directly into Ratatat‘s eyes while still making sure their … read more »

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Video: Ratatat, “Party With Children”

We at the FADER have long been of the opinion that birds possess the most demonic stares of all the animal kingdom. Their beady gaze can drill a hole into your heart and steal your … read more »

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Premiere: White Flight, “Panther” (prod by Ratatat) MP3

This along with a handful of other White Flight songs co-produced with Ratatat under the name White Ark first appeared in FADER HQ almost three years ago. Then White Flight aka Justin Roelofs disappeared into … read more »

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Video: Kid Cudi f. MGMT & Ratatat, "Pursuit of Happiness"

This is some beautiful ass shit. Again, we must ask: Cudi, why do you even bother rapping? Your voice is amazing over this kind of thing. Also, can we please get the number for these … read more »

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