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Video/Freeload: Kardinal Offishall f. Clipse, “Set It Off” + Re-Up Gang, “Money”

To get it out of the way: Re-Up Gang sound like they recorded “Money” by yelling through the stomach of a robot in a secret tunnel underneath Rick Rubin’s bearskin rug. And it works! “Money,” … read more »

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Freeload: Clipse, “Fast Life” Or “Fast Lane”??

Weirder things have happened, but Blender just put up what is supposedly a new single from a Re-Up Gang album that is part of Clipse’s new record deal. They called it “Fast Life” but the … read more »

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Freeload: Re-Up Gang, “9mm”

At this point it goes without saying that Re-Up Gang are going to impress us on a lyrical level. In fact, we’d be surprised if they didn’t, but this song from Green Lantern’s GTA4 album … read more »

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Freeload: Three New Sandman Songs

CANNOOONNNNN! It probably should be a requirement that we start every Sandman related post this way, but actually though, he stays away from doing that on these three songs from his upcoming mixtape Gianormous that … read more »

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Freeload: Sandman, Philadelphia Ego Mixtape

CANNOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!! Our only real beef with anything Re-up has put out ever is that we don’t get enough of Sandcannon yelling this right before his verses, now we have a mixtape—available for free from the … read more »

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Audio: Erykah Badu f. Re-Up Gang, “Real Thang (Tumblin Dice Remix)”

This is how we like Badu: unleashed over some tomorrowland funk, a little skepticism in the catch in her throat. This is how we like Re-Up: tight, a little mean, but nice with allegories. “In … read more »

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FADER TV: Interview With Re-Up Gang’s Ab-Liva & Sandman

You already know that Re-Up Gang’s Sandman and Ab-Liva (MAJOR FIGGAS DO IT BIG!) are two of Philly’s nicest MCs. You already know all about the industry yaddy yaddy ya, and that We Got It … read more »


Audio: Re-Up Gang, “You Ain’t A Killer”

We pretty much use the Re-Up Gang blog as our one stop shop for YouTube videos of The Clipse and Fam-Lay at the shooting range, but also they post jams like uh, entire mixtapes and … read more »

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Freeload: Re-Up Gang, We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 3

The wait is over. We Got It 4 Cheap, Volume 3: The Spirit of Competition (We Just Think We Better) bka WGI4C3TSOCWJTWB is up for real on reupgangrecords.net. This version is the high-grade, fully mastered … read more »

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Audio: Re-Up Gang, We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol 3

We all knew this was coming this weekend and now it’s here. The FADER staff is gonna roundtable over it later, but for now we can stream it here or google it for the download.

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