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Rita Indiana, “Los Poderes (Atropolis Remix)” MP3

In FADER 67, we called Rita Indiana’s work with her band Los Misterios “feral electro-mamba.” Kingdom already remixed this song from her album El Juidero for Dutty Artz’ New York Tropical compilation. Rita’s chorus means … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 123: CHLLNGR / De Tropix / Jahdan / Bunji Garlin / Rita Indiana

I must pass 500 ailanthus trees— commonly known as the humble ghetto palm, which gave this column its name— on the way from my building to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. But the ailanthus has barely had … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 119: Bounty Killer / Banana Clipz / Rita Indiana / Natalie Storm / Lionfish

It’s time again for headlines from the Ghetto Archipelago. Read on to find out the latest developments in dancehall, cumbia and other invasive species. Starting from the top of the globe and working down: The … read more »

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Stream: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, “El Juidero”

Apparently Rita Indiana put out an album yesterday? No one told us. Dominican queen of all jams (and trombone), Rita Indiana’s “La Hora De Volver” is Salvador Dali in DayGlo. “El Juidero,” from the album … read more »

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Nike Sportswear x The FADER’s Pitch Perfect Mixtape #5: North America by Chief Boima

As part one of Nike Sportswear and The FADER’s Pitch Perfect program, we will be posting six mixtapes featuring music from six continents (sorry, Antarctica). Each mixtape will include brand new artwork by Siggi Eggertsson, … read more »

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The FADER Issue 67 Podcast MP3

Every year, to celebrate our foremothers and fathers, FADER releases an icon issue. Though we’ve featured such crucially influential folks as David Byrne, Aaliyah, Nina Simone and Miles Davis, we always make sure to pack … read more »

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Video: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, “La Hora de Volve”

Tanlines sent this to us and said, “Can’t stop listening.” Well, we can understand, as this is the lady Dominican version of their duo, through the looking glass. If the looking glass was made of … read more »

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