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Download Roach Gigz’ Roachy Balboa Round 3 Mixtape

Roach Gigz released his last Roachy Balboa mixtape in 2011, the same year we profiled him in the magazine, but thankfully for all fans of free raps with Bay bump, he has picked up the … read more »

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Video: Roach Gigz, “Vertigo”

East Bay rapper and 2011 GEN F subject Roach Gigz will release a new free album, Roachy Balboa III, on July 25th. Above, watch director David Camarena’s video for the predictably lithe first single, “Vertigo,” … read more »

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Video: Roach Gigz f. Khan, “Ova”

Roach Gigz’ proper debut album Bugged Out just dropped, and it’s arguably his most well-rounded release since 2010′s Roachy Balboa mixtape. “Ova” is a record highlight, its spacey beat brought to earth by Gigz’ focused … read more »

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Roach Gigz and IamSu!, “Ain’t a Thing” MP3

Preeminent Bay Area rappers Roach Gigz and IamSu! have teamed up again for their latest single “Ain’t a Thing,” a laid-back track meant to brush aside bandwagon groupies and critics alike. Over breezy strings and … read more »

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Video: Roach Gigz, “Going Off”

Roach Gigz‘ Yodelay Beatz-produced “Going Off” rides a distinctive, klaxon alarm-driven beat, but it’s Roach’s performance that defines the song. Its title is appropriate; Roach raps in his usual chaotic, style, but there’s a sense … read more »

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B-Luv and Husalah f. Roach Gigz, “Reppin 4 Da Cuddie” MP3

With the release of new albums by E-40, DB Tha General and the NhT Boyz, it’s been a big week for Bay Area rap. But perhaps the most exciting bit to emerge from the scene … read more »

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Video: Roach Gigz, “Wasabi”

Even before you hear Roach Gigz say, Imma do it for home/ Imma do it for Dre, it’s certain “Wasabi” is a tribute to Bay Area legend and “Thizzle Dance” originator Mac Dre. The only … read more »

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Video: Roach Gigz, “Big Fat Beat”

At the beginning of this video Roach Gigz walks into an office in a sweater and glasses and raps I got an ill shape/ and fuck being fly, I’m gonna dress like Bill Gates/ he … read more »

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Roach Gigz f. Danny Brown and DB Tha General, “Drugs (Remix)” MP3

As if there weren’t enough drugs being passed around between Bay Area Roachy and DB Tha General on the original “Drugs” the duo adds reigning drug rap kingpin Danny Brown to the mix for the … read more »

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Video: Roach Gigz, “Gina”

Roach Gigz‘ latest visual off his EP Bitch, I’m a Player is for “Gina.” It’s a day-in-the-life vlog set to music. I’ve always wanted to ask guys who spit game from their cars to pretty … read more »

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