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Video: Rusko, “Somebody to Love”

The video for Rusko’s “Somebody to Love” is nothing out of the ordinary for the elfin Mad Decent DJ—glowsticks light up a balloon-filled rave while he headbangs his moptop for the crowd. But the main … read more »

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Diplowatch 2011 #12: Is Diplo’s New DJ Mix Technology Cool?

Diplo is selling a new 40-minute mix, called Mad Legit, via a recently developed platform that allows DJs to circumvent the expensive, laborious process of clearing samples. The technology, called Legitmix, allows beatsmiths to legally … read more »

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Diplowatch 2011 #10: Get Seasick with Diplo

In 1996, storied writer David Foster Wallace wrote an essay for Harpers magazine about the nearly-lethal luxury of megaship cruises. He spent a week on deck, whining and wondering why being cloistered with thousands of … read more »

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Nicki Minaj, “Blow Your Mind” MP3

Nicki‘s indefatigable presence on “Blow Your Mind” renders the Prince-cribbed chorus virtually unnoticeable, mostly because who needs Purple Rain when a Brit-loving wonderwoman is gnashing through a drum n bass-referencing rap track? Did we conjure … read more »

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Video: Rusko f. Amber Coffman, “Hold On”

If you’ve never seen Rusko DJ live, this video proves that when you do, he will break your face. Also, he will apparently break the law, as evidenced by the shot where he is driving … read more »

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Stream: M.I.A., “XXXO” MP3 and Check Out This Insane Blog Page

Can’t tell what we’re more excited about: the fact that M.I.A. made a deconstructionist mall-pop jam (which sounds more like Sleigh Bells‘ Derek Miller was on beats than actual producers Blaqstarr and Rusko), or the … read more »

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Stream: Rusko’s Album O.M.G.!

A few weeks ago, Rusko performed at New York’s Webster Hall with Chicago jukester, Kid Sister. They seamlessly transitioned from her set, closing out with “Step” (which he produced) into electronic explosions to kick his … read more »

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Rusko f. Amber Coffman, “Hold On (Sub Focus RMX)” MP3

We are having so many emotions right now we’re not sure how to express them all in less than 75,000 words, but we will shoot for brevity. First off, this was already a massive tune, … read more »

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Buraka Som Sistema’s BBC Essential Mix MP3

Buraka Som Sistema‘s Essential Mix is like throwing a rave in a rainforest, all humid, eardrum-breaking beats and ridiculous collective energy. The Portuguese ensemble is gifted at making their rhythms sound actually contortionist, kuduro twisting … read more »

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Video: Rusko, “Woo Boost”

Never thought of it before, but Rusko makes sense recast as a Max Headroom-style keytar superhero, only instead of talking in a scary stutter he’s the voice of aggressive, grinding synths. Also, Max Headroom never … read more »

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