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Ghetto Palms 120: Serani / Future Fambo / Dancehall Again!

Daseca again! Everybody’s favorite makers of gun-drop, Island pop, and dubstop snapped back this week with a new riddim that is decidedly not a hybrid or micro-genre of anything except in the sense that they … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 118: Deevani / TVB / Busy / Bunji / Skinny Fabulous

In every Ghetto Palms sector there are certain artists who are my go-to artists, the standard-bearers of the sound, always right at the cutlass-edge of their respective genres. These are them: Fuego f. Deevani and … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 113: Vegas / Wayne Wonder / Exodus—Exclusive Daseca Riddim!

I could try to do a Ghetto Archipelago headline without mentioning Monday’s Labor Day festivities here in New York. But that would just be silly. Three million strong, Brooklyn Carnival is the elephant in the … read more »

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Video: Blak Ryno, Flexxx, Chase Cross, Serani, Stein & Bounty Killer, “Sex Appeal Medley”

This is like dancehall batting practice, a buncha heavyweight dudes all practicing their hits on the Sex Appeal riddim—on location at Kingston’s Lucky 38 strip club, of course. But there’s a reason the incredible, regal … read more »

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Serani and Bugle, “Feels Like Music” MP3

Together, Serani and Bugle rose together off the popularity of one syllable. Serani then went on to make a classic summer jam, “No Games.” Dude is a master of dancehall pop. Now they’ve got “Feels … read more »

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Video: Serani, “Searching”

We love Serani for last year’s balladry and this year’s pop singles. Still, it’s so refreshing to hear him in the basic dancehall element, where thump and claps can bump against his scratchy croon. In … read more »


Ghetto Palms 98: New Money Part II, XXclusive

As promised it’s Money Tree (aka New Money riddim) Part Few, the electric boogaloo. I tend to add “electric boogaloo” to pretty much everything that has a part two, but in this case I think … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 91: Rihanna f. Assassin / De Tropix / Serani / Gyptian / Mujava

I tend to be kind of a DJ-centric snob about the audio for this column, but every once in a while I end up with a ton of ghetto-platinum material from the artists I have … read more »

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DJ Webstar f. Serani & Jadakiss, “Tipsy” MP3

If you called us yesterday and told us young uptown producer DJ Webstar was going to collaborate with pop-reggae smoothster Serani and Yonkers hero Jadakiss on a song about a drunk chick, we would have … read more »

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Video: Serani f. Ding Dong, “Skip to Ma Luu”

According to our girl Erin in Kingston, this video has been taking over ReTV, which makes sense considering, you know, it’s Serani and Ding Dong. Good vibes city. The hype dude on the radio is … read more »

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