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Download Deniro Farrar and Shady Blaze’s Kill or Be Killed Mixtape

Separated by nearly 3,000 miles, Charlotte’s Deniro Farrar and East Oakland’s Shady Blaze seem an unlikely duo, but the rappers share two key attributes: one-of-a-kind voices and relentlessly bleak outlooks. Kill or Be Killed, their … read more »

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beautiful lou

Download Beautiful Lou’s Sumone 2 B Young With Mixtape

Yesterday, San Antonio producer Beautiful Lou released Sumone 2 B Young With, a delightful compilation of old and new songs. Falling into the latter category is a fresh collaboration with Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri. On … read more »

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Video: Main Attrakionz f. Shady Blaze, “Green Ova to the Top”

One of the last times we saw Shady Blaze, he was rapping through streets of Oakland in the video for “Intro Quick Time.” In the Zachg-directed clip for “Green Ova To The Top,” he’s joined … read more »

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Deniro Farrar and Shady Blaze f. ST 2 Lettaz, “43 Hours In” (Prod. by Ryan Hemsworth) MP3

Charlotte’s Deniro Farrar and East Oakland’s Shady Blaze, having twice collaborated on Farrar’s album Destiny Altered, have linked again for a joint LP of their own, out May 15th. On the first single, which features … read more »

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Video: Shady Blaze, “Intro Quick Time”

A member of Main Attrakionz’ Green Ova family, Oakland’s Shady Blaze is the rapid-firing counterpart to Squadda B and MondreM.A.N.’s drowsy, ambling flows. “Intro Quick Time” is the opening cut from his The Grind, Hustle, … read more »

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Download Western Tink’s Chillin Like a Civilian Mixtape

Austin, Texas’ Western Tink showcases his relaxed, full-of personality flow over a collection of strong beats, some seemingly salvaged from tossed-off Bay Area tapes. “Get Ratchet” lurches forward, its beat segmented by steady drum slaps … read more »

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Download Deniro Farrar’s Album Destiny Altered

North Carolina’s Deniro Farrar has released his debut album Destiny Altered. In a much-deserved hat tip, he’s passing 100% of profits to the album’s producers, an impressively compiled upper tier group of cloudy, based Bandcamp-dominators—SKYWLKR, … read more »

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4 days 2 travel

MondreMAN f. Danny Brown and Squadda B, “Suffocation (Ryan Hemsworth’s Wodie Remix)” MP3

The new label Dream Collabo has released a second all-remix version of MondreMAN’s Man EP, featuring new beats by Yalls, Julian Wass, Shady Blaze and Halifax’s Ryan Hemsworth. Hemsworth gets the last word, flipping the … read more »

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Deniro Farrar f. Shady Blaze, “NWO” (Prod. by Nem270) MP3

It’s fitting that a song ostensibly about a secret globalist agenda arises via electronic networking across state and country lines. “NWO” pulls together Charlotte, NC’s Deniro Farrar, Oakland’s Shady Blaze and Ottawa’s always ascending Nem270 … read more »

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Producers to Watch

Five producers who will change the sound of rap in 2012. BEAUTIFUL LOU Location: San Antonio, TX Age: 26 Notable beats: ASAP Rocky, “Trilla,” Shady Blaze, “Ima Get Em,” Lil B, “Cocaine” Signature sound: Groggy … read more »

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