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Watch: Nozinja, “Tsekeleke”

You might think you’re awake, going about your day in a casual manner, but after watching this new video from South African producer Nozinja, the latest signing to Warp Records, you’re going to feel AWAKE. … read more »

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Video: Pollyn, “How Small We Are (Nozinja’s Shangaan Electro Version f. Nurse Matlala)”

Nozinja and Nurse Matlala of South Africa’s Shangann Electro scene took Pollyn’s catchy, all-about-the-bassline track “How Small We Are” and made it even more thrilling by adding new vocals and doubling its length. Pollyn’s Adam … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 109: Aidonia / TOK / Jim Screechie Riddim

I believe from now on this column will just be a laundry-list of news items from Ghettopalmsland, capped off with a scam email. Anything related to Third World music, soundsystem culture, urbanism and global development … read more »

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Shangaan Electro: South African New Wave

Regional dance music the best dance music. New Orleans’ bounce, Baltimore club, Argentinian cumbia villera, UK funky, Monterrey, Mexico’s tribal guarachero and now, as Eddie Stats has so diligently been covering over at his Ghetto … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 90: New Styles / Shangaan Electro / South Africa Road Epic!

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that I have been repping the Africa 2010 theme hard lately. So when Wills Glasspiegel—an Afropop Worldwide producer who also oversaw The Very Best’s Warm Heart … read more »

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