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The LOX Just Released a New EP on iTunes

Call it “a Beyoncé” or call it a “nice surprise for the streets for the holidays,” when it’s been as long as it has since The LOX’s last release — thirteen years! — fans will … read more »

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Video: Sheek Louch f. Jeremih, “Party After 2″

The veterans and Jeremih show you how to have a hot tub party without lighting a girl’s hair on fire for the video of one of the more underrated songs of 2010.

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Sheek Louch f. Jeremih, “Party After 2″ MP3

A woozy toast song for the drink after the drink you shouldn’t have gone for. Sheek probably wrote it a while ago cause he compliments the white girl among the rainbow brood he brought back … read more »

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Ghostface Killah f. Sheek Louch, Diego Cash and Bully, “The Eulogy” MP3

This chilly posse cut could be a bonus track from the new Ghostface album Apollo Kids, or a mid album stronghold from the Wu-Block full length Sheek Louch just threatened to actually release: But in … read more »

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Holy Shit Look At The Photoshop Work On This Sheek Louch Album Cover

Not that we’re Photoshop experts, but this looks pretty well done. Major movie studios! Holler at whoever did this if you ever decide to remake Congo. Also, this is an image of Sheek Louch as … read more »

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New Lloyd Banks/Pusha T is Yin to Sheek Louch/Jeremih’s Yang?

The general idea of yin-yang is not black and white but shade and light, so as we sit here listening to the new Lloyd Banks with Pusha T and Sheek Louch with Jeremih songs back … read more »

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Sheek Louch is the Undying Light of Yonkers, New York

Yes! Feel it! One minute and 38 seconds of unadulterated Louchness. This shit is amazing. And the horn loop on Sean C & LV’s beat sounds like a dog fart. Perfection. Dude should make an … read more »

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Meth, Rae & Ghost f. Trife, Sheek Louch and Bully, “Youngstown Heist” MP3

This Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface album is shaping up to be really solid. Like, solid in the way that a trio of dudes who know their new place in rap’s hierarchy and have complete … read more »

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Video: Sheek Louch, “Good Love”

Questions that arise upon viewing Sheek Louch’s new video: 1. Who paid for this? 2. Why aren’t there more of these? 3. Is this better than Transmorphers? 4. Why are dudes looking into the camera … read more »

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