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Shit Robot, “Answering Machine (Planningtorock Pizzo Remix)” MP3

Planningtorock sings on the original version of DFA mainstay Shit Robot’s “Answering Machine,” and she turns in a remix of the track for a single, as well. It’s a plucky one, PTR’s Janine Rostron having … read more »

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Hot Chip

Stream: Shit Robot, “Losing My Patience (Hot Chip Remix)”

Man, Alexis Taylor is everywhere, but we would be too if we had a voice that sounded like fresh honey. Here he is again with his own band, Hot Chip, on a remix that adds … read more »

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Planningtorock To Collaborate With The Knife On Darwin Opera And Perform Live Rendition Of Her Upcoming (DFA?) Release

Maybe it’s because sometimes she likes to wear masks on stage too, but Olof & Karin Dreijer from The Knife have invited UK-by-way-of-Germany artist Planningtorock to help co-write their opera about Darwin, which will debut this September in Copenhagen. And that’s only the beginning of her plans for 2009. read more »

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