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Shop Talk: ONLY NY

When Hurricane Sandy hit lower Manhattan last year, ONLY NY’s crew was busy preparing to open their flagship store in the flood-zone on the Lower East Side. Luckily, the store survived undamaged and opened to … read more »

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Shop Talk: Ale Et Ange

Last week we headed to New York-based brand Ale Et Ange’s Lower East Side store to check out what they’re stocking for the crucial transition into fall. Ale Et Ange, the shop’s namesake menswear line, … read more »

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Shop Talk: Spiritual America

Rivington Street boutique Spiritual America packs a healthy mix of young up-and-coming brands like Mociun, Dusen Dusen and Shabd, alongside established European lines Vanessa Bruno and Hussein Chaylayan, into their intimate quarters. With a new … read more »

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Shop Talk: Topman General Store

While we were holding down the FADER FORT by FIAT in October, style Editor-at-Large Mobolaji Dawodu was checking out the style scene in London. He visited the new Topman General Store, Topshop’s stripped-down menswear boutique. … read more »

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Shop Talk: The Lake & Stars

Boffo’s Building Fashion initiative is redefining the retail landscape, pairing fashion designers and architecture firms to collaborate on pop-up shops. The latest installation finds lingerie brand The Lake & Stars and NYC-based design firm SOFTlab … read more »

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Shop Talk: Makins Hats

FADER stylist Mobolaji Dawodu wears a lot of hats—we know this much is true. But where do they all come from, we wonder? Here are a billion answers to that question, all under the same … read more »

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Shop Talk at Fjällräven

We’ve been told by about a thousand people that there’s not a person in Sweden that doesn’t own a Fjällräven backpack. Any chance at investigative reporting in Sweden on this claim has sadly not happened, … read more »

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Shop Talk: Cockpit USA

Formerly known as Avirex, Cockpit USA is an establishment in downtown NYC that we have passed probably about a hundred times. At first glance, it might look like any other megastore on Broadway, but as … read more »

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Shop Talk at Loren

Good things are happening in Greenpoint. In what more resembles an art gallery than a jean shop, former Ralph Lauren and Levi Strauss designer Loren Cronk recently unveiled every denim-lover’s wet dream. The store features … read more »

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Studio Time with Shipley & Halmos

If you’re familiar with the new Shipley & Halmos blog Numerous Drawings, then you’ll know the design duo surround themselves with a truckload of marvelous objects. There’s everything from classic collectibles (vintage banana boards) to … read more »

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