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Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play Mix #2

Stream and download the second of four mixes in our Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play series, then enter to win some sweet new gear. Check the first mix out here. Track list is below! Download: Kenneth … read more »

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Premiere: Sin Fang, “Always Everything” MP3

Sin Fang (who dropped the trailing “Bous” from his name) is an Icelandic producer and there are a good hundred people in the world that have listened to his first album Clangour three times a … read more »

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Sin Fang Bous, “Catch the Light” MP3

Press information for Sin Fang Bous says that the Icelandic singer sounds like Animal Collective, Panda Bear or Caribou. Which, well, is kind of true. But it’s disappointing to have that pointed out, because before … read more »

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Exclusive Freeload: Sin Fang Bous, “Nothings”

It makes sense that Iceland’s Sin Fang Bous would pop up on a compilation dedicated to the spirit of the late-’70s/early-’80s New Zealand DIY scene, considering they’re from a somewhat equally musically isolated place and … read more »

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