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Pond, “Tears of a Clown” MP3

It’s always kinda weird when artists do entire cover albums. Like, yeah they can be good and interesting and fun to listen to, but it sometimes feels like they’re designed as a placeholder until something … read more »

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Folk? Soul? James Mercer's Got It Covered

Does James Mercer have any hobbies, like a stamp collection or something? It’s hard to imagine he has time, what with all the great music he’s making. Exhibits A and B, Smokey Robinson’s “You Really … read more »

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Parental Advisory: Smokey Robinson Delivers Keynote Address at SXSW

Check for updates on what your parent’s favorite musicians are doing in our daily Parental Advisory post. Today’s soul pioneer still making a stamp on music: Smokey Robinson. In all the South By Southwest commotion, … read more »

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