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Stream “Jules”, a Richly Textured Club Collab from Joe Howe and Matthias Zimmermann

FADER PREMIERE Round wooden notes, harpischord-like chimes and digital burps: textures abound on this collaboration between Glasgow producer Joe Howe and Frankfurt’s Matthias Zimmermann. Featured on Parisian label Sound Pellegrino‘s new club music compilation SND.PE … read more »

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Video: Matthias Zimmermann, “Quincy”

Matthias Zimmermann, the southwest German producer who’s made his name this year releasing insanely-drummed, vaguely climate-related dance EPs—Isla, Oasis, Mountain—has another in the chamber, Botanica Dub, out November 12th on Sound Pellegrino. Watch a short, … read more »

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Phenomenon and Sound Pellegrino Collaborate on Clothes, Release a Mix

Parisian producers Sound Pellegrino and the Japanese clothing label Phenomenon have teamed up again for another capsule collection and this time around, they’ve put away the cardigans festooned with polar bears in top hats in … read more »

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Video: Gucci Vump, “Shashtilism”

Pretty sure the moral of this video’s story is that a woman’s work is never done (and homemakers should get some government subsidies for making the world go round). Gucci Vump is the genius who … read more »

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Sound Pellegrino Party Time Mega-Post

In our minds, Sound Pellegrino is French slang for “let’s get the party started”: the dudes behind the label are clearly no strangers to good times, and their releases reflect that—exquisitely crafted little soiree nuggets … read more »

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Premiere: Momma’s Boy vs. Mixik the Cat, “Party Rock” MP3

Momma’s Boy and Mixik the Cat are actually the same person—producer Mike Gnacadja—so the concept of one man doing a song versus himself might sound weird at first. But from moniker to moniker, he creates … read more »

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Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, “Loud Whisper of the Northern Wind” Mix

Let’s say you were up until 6am last night/this morning and right about now your will to live is at Defcon 5. You’ve had gallons of coffee, slapped yourself in the face a bunch and … read more »

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Gucci Vump, “Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 RMX)” MP3

With each new L-Vis 1990 track we are a bit more astonished by dude’s versatility: a brief gander into our iTunes has him dabbling in a vast assortment of kwaito (dub), hyperbass (and its death) … read more »

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Teki Latex’s Big Man Swag

Lookbook.nu is the go-to spot for aspiring Sartorialist muses, where anyone can post daily photos of their style game. We’re pro-democracy, but frankly it’s a clusterfuck—who wants to see what everyone in the world is … read more »

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Video: Douster, “King of Africa”

In our latest issue, available for free right here, we feature French by way of Buenos Aires producer Douster, whose eclectically composited club jams have been all up in our iTunes since early this year … read more »

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