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Grimes, “Crystal Ball” (Stalker Remix) MP3

Seems like we can’t go a single day without doing some kind of Grimes-related blog post. Weird! Honestly, we never would have expected her to become so ubiquitous, but there you have it. Maybe it’s … read more »

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Becoming Real, “Closer (Stalker Remix)” MP3

Becoming Real made “Closer,” a masterfully executed pop redemption song built towards gospel from blip/ping piecemeal. People want their own part of it— Jam City made it over as a laboratory, antarctica cold party track. … read more »

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These New Puritans, “White Chords (Stalker Remix)” MP3

And by MP3, we mean wav. Literally this is available exclusively at NME and they have it up as a .wav file. This song slowed down and remixed by drag star Stalker sounds like Fugazi … read more »

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Goth Dudes are Weird aka Oneohtrix Point Never and Friends Cover Lindsay Lohan

Robin Carolan of 20jazzfunkgreats and Tri Angle Records is an eccentric dude with taste. High, low, good, bad, he know what he likes. Mostly, that is pop music in all its warped forms. His celebration … read more »

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Stalker, 48 Mix

It is hot as balls in New York right now. Yesterday was oppressively humid and today is better, but people outside are cranky. Normally our stance on that is more in the Dudebros! It is … read more »

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Stalker, “My Swag” MP3

Who knows how we’ll be feeling about this stuff in a couple years. As it stands it already exists as a weird meeting point of music made by people that grew up with the internet. … read more »

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