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Steve Hauschildt, “Constant Reminders” MP3

Emeralds, the group that Steve Hauschildt is part of, recently released Just To Feel Anything. It’s certainly their most straightforward, least contemplative album, and it will probably make some of their fans angry. Who knows! … read more »

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Video: Steve Hauschildt, “Interconnected”

As the members of Emeralds continue to mold their solo careers between albums, Steve Hauschildt has emerged as the sort of cosmic, new age one (can you imagine if boy bands had a “sort of … read more »

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Steve Hauschildt, “Already Replaced” MP3

Some of you might recognize Steve Hauschildt as the dude from Emeralds, while others might just be looking to end their Monday with gorgeous, spaced out twinkles of synth. Whatever the case, this song will … read more »

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