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By the Numbers: Service

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits. In FADER #82, we actually took on a record label: Gothenberg, Sweden’s Service, which, with 19 albums … read more »

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Studio Quit Being Studio

Yesterday, Studio, the Gothernburg-based duo that anyone that cared already assumed broke up forever ago officially called it quits. In addition, they’re shuttering their label Information, promising that we would see them in “another shape … read more »

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ceo, “Illuminata” (Dan Lissvik Remix) MP3

Remember when everyone was obsessed with the beach and then not long after that, everyone was like, Shut up about the beach! Swedish duo Studio definitely predated and outlasted that whole thing. Their album West … read more »

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Gatto Fritto

Gatto Fritto, “Hex” MP3

Couple summers ago—whenever it was that if you looked hard enough or, like, went to Kim’s at the right time—we bought and never stopped listening to Studio‘s West Coast. We played it in bars, on … read more »

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Korallreven, “Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix)” MP3

You may recognize the name Lissvik as one half of the dudes behind Studio, the stoniest chillers of them all. Now that Studio have been off the scene for a bit, we’ll take their brand … read more »

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James Yuill, “First in Line” (Lissvik Remix) MP3

Is it cool if we say that Studio‘s West Coast is still one of our most listened to albums like ever? Okay not ever, because we avoid it at all costs in the winter because … read more »

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If You Love Swedish Pop, This is Your New Homepage

Some of us (no need to name names) are mildly obsessed with Swedes and their music, specifically the incredible incubator that is Gothenburg, home to The Tough Alliance, jj, Air France, The Embassy, Love Is … read more »

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Taken by Trees, “Watch the Waves” MP3

Studio‘s West Coast has become something of a classic album in this office, so as Gothenburg, Sweden enthusiasts are probably already aware, the lack of new original music from the duo is heartbreaking. Literally it … read more »

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The Crepes, “What Else” MP3

Just when there seemed to be a dearth of windy pop music coming from Gothenberg right now (apparently everyone is on vacation or working on their gardens and/or next projects), The Crepes drop this power-chilling … read more »

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Audio: Fever Ray, “When I Grow Up (Dan Lissvik)”

Before Studio’s Dan Lissvik got hold of “When I Grow Up”: we loved it but its contemplative, measured, melancholy backdrop made us yearn to be in the rainy Pacific Northwest where the green light is … read more »

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