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Live: Levi’s Station To Station

On a different night, it might have seemed intensely out-of-the-ordinary to spot a stylish young woman slipping out of her Loubitouns and entering a tent-like, dandelion-yellow structure with pillow soft floors and elastic appendages stretching … read more »

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Stream: Neneh Cherry & The Thing’s The Cherry Thing

For their first collaborative album, Neneh Cherry & The Thing ranged wide musically, covering songs from MF Doom to Suicide to Neneh Cherry’s stepfather, Don Cherry; fitting for a collaboration between a free jazz group … read more »

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Neneh Cherry & The Thing, “Dream Baby Dream (Four Tet Remix)”

Four Tet’s remix of Neneh Cherry & The Thing’s Suicide cover, “Dream Baby Dream” reunites erstwhile collaborators Kieran Hebden and The Thing’s Mats Gustafsson. Usually, too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad thing, … read more »

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Stream: Neneh Cherry & the Thing, “Dream Baby Dream”

Neneh Cherry and the Swedish jazz ensemble the Thing latch onto the piquant edges of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream,” a well loved anthem that is having a bit of a renaissance thanks to this and … read more »

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Light Asylum, “IPC” MP3

It might be obvious to say that Light Asylum is a band with emotional complexity, but it’s worth mentioning, if only because, as a fan, we relate to how they can sometimes seem happy, romantic, … read more »

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M.I.A. Does Letterman with Suicide's Martin Rev

Wow. Takes a little more than some bad press to sink a battleship.

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Video: LCD Soundsystem, “Bye Bye Bayou”

Suicide frontman Alan Vega originally recorded “Bye Bye Bayou” in 1980. In this video for LCD Soundsystem’s cover, it looks like they traveled to that year, got a luded-out NYU film undergrad to shoot the … read more »

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Hear M.I.A.'s New Jam, Discover Inner 17-Year Old Shithead All Over Again

So here’s the thing: We’re not punks. Our massive sweater collection and our day job sort of killed that vibe. But then again, neither is M.I.A. The line “I don’t want to talk about money, … read more »

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LCD Soundsystem, “Bye Bye Bayou” MP3

James Murphy covered a song by Suicide’s Alan Vega and it sounds like a disco swamp in a rainstorm. But then maybe we’re just influenced by the cover art—props to the makeup artist, that shade … read more »

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ATP New York 2009: Babies and Drums

Boredoms’ drummer Yojiro (YO2RO) Tatekawa was carried into the main performance space on a platform carried by eight dudes, ten minutes into the already heart-exploding Boadrum 9 reprise at ATP New York last Sunday. He … read more »

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