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Interview: Superchunk

On the occasion of Superchunk’s reissue of their classic album, Foolish, we asked artist and superfan Andrew Kuo to interview his favorite band. “Well, if you really want to know—Superchunk.” That’s what I’ve said for … read more »

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The Tripwire: Deerhunter’s Flashback to (the Gold Sounds of) 1990-Something

Greetings from Pavement week here in New York City—when music writers everywhere are treating the reunion package with far more enthusiasm than the shrugs Pavement themselves seem to be giving from the stage. It legitimately … read more »

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See Superchunk Cover The Cure's "In Between Days"

Superchunk covers The Cure The group claims they chose this song because it’s the easiest one left on the AV Club’s list. They are being modest. Their drummer supports the song choice because he never … read more »


Superchunk Go All Powerpoppy and Tour

Superchunk’s new single “Digging For Something” is a powerpop gem of Hope Diamond proportions. Energetic guitars do most of the heavy lifting, but the drums and Mac McCaughan’s vocals move their fair share of earth … read more »


Superchunk Shreds Majesty, Ends 16-Year Television Hiatus

We know you’ve been flipping through late-night television for years being all like, “Can Leno book Superchunk at  least once?” But obviously that wasn’t gonna happen because well, does Leno even listen to music? Thank … read more »

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Merge Records has a Book Deal

Juicy tell-all! Well, kind of. read more »

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Coachella 2009 – Saturday Photos

Featuring Superchunk, M.I.A., Fleet Foxes, TV On The Radio, Dr. Dog, Glass Candy and Amanda Palmer. read more »

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Merge Records Releases XX Line-Up With Conor, Spoon, Superchunk And More

The line up for the five-day-long Merge Records 20th Anniversary Celebration has been announced, and the event to bound to be nothing but stellar with headliners like label-founders Superchunk topping the bill. read more »

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Amazon Ranks Indie Rock In Top 100 Albums List

Nothing can induce a potent combination of nostalgia and rage like the time-honored top 100 list. All the major music magazines have come out with at least one or two, and Rolling Stone has about a one-per-month quota. But this latest one comes from a slightly unlikely source — Amazon.com. Apparently they don’t just sell you music. They might actually know a little something about it, too. Maybe. read more »

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