Stream: SURVIVE’s Self-Titled Album

Listening to SURVIVE, you’d think they came from some ’70s vision of the future, replete with glittering monoliths and plenty of dome-based structures, but instead they’re from present-day Austin, Texas. Drifting between devastating tracks like … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: August 28, 2011 Edition

** We glimpsed Aaliyah’s life via stories from Missy Eliottt, Kidada Jones and Method Man first published in our 2008 Icon Issue. We also re-upped DJ Caps’ Aaliyah U R Missed mix, a celebration of … read more »

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Austin, Texas: The City That Always Sleeps

Nate Grace was an ex-hardcore kid living in a shack in the outskirts of Austin when his door got kicked in while he was on the road for his job cataloging book stock in chain … read more »

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SURVIVE’s Love Triangle Mix

Okay seriously, what is going on in Texas? We’ve always known the state to be proud of its musical heritage and we’re pretty sure you can buy SXSW memorabilia all year round. But when, exactly, … read more »

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