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Download ZS’ SCORE Remixes + Interview

For a collective known for its instrumental chops, Brooklyn avant-rock collective ZS has become awfully interested in the mechanics of DJ culture of late. This past January, they transformed their recent, retrospective SCORE boxset into … read more »

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Taliesin, “Heavy Sick Mixtape” MP3

The Dutty Artz fellas rack up the global airline miles more than most DJs—seems like DJ/Rupture is always jetting off to Mexico to perform with the dude from the Ex or mixing records in far … read more »

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Taliesin, “DefinatelyMaybe Mix” MP3

Halfway through Taliesin‘s PDXinDub mixtape, Trina starts up like a well-oiled engine on a bubbling dupstep synth If you see a fly bitch, holler don’t trip, break her off a few dollars, take her on … read more »

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