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When Danny Brown arrived for our video interview during CMJ last fall, he had a woman with him wearing a cropped leather jacket and a sheer white dress. You could see her butt very clearly. … read more »

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Tanlines at Whitney Live

The Whitney Live series ended up being one of our favorite things about last summer—perfect for those Friday evenings when you could leave work, take a train up to the uncharted territories of the Upper … read more »

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Bueller? Bueller? Cameron's House Up For Sale

Brooklyn’s Tan Lines make beachy electronic music powered by pinwheels. They also twittered something of great interest this morning. read more »


The Let Out: With Special Guests Tan Lines

This week on The Let Out, our weekly East Village Radio show (made possible by Dewars) Tan Lines are stopping in to play an hour of new music and exclusives. If you’re unfamiliar with the … read more »

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Video/Freeload: Tan Lines, “New Flowers”

Sometimes we think about old style computers—fondly remembering playing Shufflepuck and generally just being wowed by the concept of a colorful moving screen that was not a television. The new video from Tan Lines (featuring … read more »

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Freeload: Telepathe, “Chromes On It (Tan Lines RMX)”

We are 100% FOR musicians we love coming together as one. So obviously we were pumped when FADER fam Will aka DJ Caps IM’d us this banging Telepathe song remixed by Tan Lines, aka Eric … read more »

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