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Download Antwon’s In Dark Denim Mixtape

Valentine’s Day is an interesting release date for San Jose rapper Antwon’s latest mixtape, free via Greedhead: In Dark Denim is at once an antidote to the day’s lovey-dovey fare and embrace of people fucking, … read more »

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snow wite

Video: Snow Wite, “Psychedelic Days”

“Psychedelic Days” is the latest and best of a recent string of videos by Snow Wite, the solo project of LA’s Andreas Cary, whose brand of psych-pop harks happily back to Woodsist’s unreal summer of … read more »

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Download Pictureplane’s Dimensional Rip 7: Thee Physical Remixes

The first thing on Pictureplane’s 19-track tome of Thee Physical remixes, Dimension Rip 7, is 50 unadulterated seconds of Laura Palmer’s theme from Twin Peaks, courtesy of Chapel Hill’s Extreme Animals, and it’s pretty much … read more »

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