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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Life Is Hard (Teen Daze Remix)” MP3

FADER PREMIERE Edward Sharpe and his 11-piece, folk-rocking Magnetic Zeros released their third album this summer, which sounds nothing like Teen Daze’s new remix of them. The Canadian producer’s take on “Life Is Hard” is … read more »

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Stream: Jay Arner, “Don’t Remind Me (Teen Daze Remix)”

FADER PREMIERE We premiered Jay Arner’s “Don’t Remind Me” in the spring—along with its memorable album art—and now Teen Daze has brought it back for a very teen dazey second act, swathing the rocky original … read more »

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Teen Daze, “Brooklyn Sunburn (Lushlife Remix)” MP3

Teen Daze’s “Brooklyn Sunburn” takes on a blown out, darker cast in Lushlife’s reworking with morose looping lyrics like I’ve been away too long and by myself, Teen Daze’s instrumentation suddenly has a cathartic dirge, … read more »

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Stream: Giraffage & XXYYXX, “Even Though”

Since visiting Maison Kitsuné’s new New York store last week, we’ve got the French brand on the brain. Later this month, Kitsuné’s music arm will release Kitsuné America, a compilation that closes with the soaring, … read more »

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Teen Daze, “Brooklyn Sunburn” MP3

For his first full-length release, Vancouver’s Teen Daze summoned a collective spirit, inspired by the sparkly-eyed visions of idealistic unity, or as he tells it: “I came upon an old book at a thrift store … read more »

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Earth Wind & Fire, “Let’s Groove” (Teen Daze Remix) MP3

At the risk of reiterating everyone on every social media outlet you subscribe to: it’s REALLY FUCKING COLD outside in New York today. Pretty much everyone I passed on the street was grimacing and cursing … read more »

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Teen Daze, “Winter Sun” MP3

Teen Daze has started a record label called Cultus Vibes (probably referencing the Cultus Lake he named a track after on his Tour EP). Early next month, as a digital Christmas present to the electronica … read more »

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Teen Daze, “The Harvest” MP3

Rising pride of British Columbia Teen Daze sounds almost post-rock on “The Harvest,” the second leak off his upcoming A Silent Planet EP. There’s something super familiar about the beatless track and the tones it’s … read more »

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Teen Daze, “Surface” MP3

“Surface” leads off Teen Daze‘s forthcoming A Silent Planet EP, a record inspired by Mt. Cheam near his home in Fraser Valley, British Columbia and C.S. Lewis’ story of first encounters, Out of the Silent … read more »

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Teen Daze, “Waves” MP3

Came across this new Teen Daze track last night, trawling Bandcamp with my girlfriend, long-asleep, four feet away and only one light on in the apartment. It was the weakest desk light, out of respect. … read more »

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