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Bon Iver to Collaborate with The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips have previously announced that they are cooking up a special collaborative album, slated for April, featuring guest spots from Plastic Ono Band, Nick Cave and Neon Indian. Rolling Stone is now reporting … read more »

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The Flaming Lips Set David Letterman's Lips on Fire

No, they didn’t. That’s just a really funny line Dave got in right after their above/wily performance of Embryonic‘s “See The Leaves” last night. Watch it until the very end!

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The Flaming Lips Cover Yo La Tengo With Philharmonic Orchestra

While at the U.S. Mayor’s Conference (of all places)┬áin Oklahoma, The Lips played a three-song set with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic. The video is of them covering Yo La Tengo’s “Sugarcube,” and while it’s good, … read more »

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Flaming Lips Dude Set To Cause 12.5% Spike In Teacher Crushes In Central Oklahoma

Your music teacher has long hair and smokes a lot of weed? Cool, my music teacher is in The Flaming Lips. You might have heard of them. This conversation did not actually happen, but legitimately … read more »

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The Flaming Lips Understand You and Want You To Enjoy Bonnaroo

Maybe you’ve tried to find meaning in a Pink Floyd laser show, psychedelics in your system. Maybe you’ve sat on your couch with the shades drawn in a cloud of weed smoke as Pink Floyd … read more »

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Flaming Lips Open Pop Up Shop, Stream Intimate Show Tonight on Web

And by intimate, we mean relatively smelly. read more »

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Tweet Release: The Flaming Lips' Embryonic

A psychedelic comeback if we’ve ever heard one. read more »

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The Flaming Lips' "I Can Be A Frog" Fairly Insane

Other things too. read more »

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ATP New York 2009: Babies and Drums

Boredoms’ drummer Yojiro (YO2RO) Tatekawa was carried into the main performance space on a platform carried by eight dudes, ten minutes into the already heart-exploding Boadrum 9 reprise at ATP New York last Sunday. He … read more »

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Flaming Lips Announce All Tomorrow's Parties Lineup

Looks boring. Just kidding! Looks awesome! read more »

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