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Video: The Men, “Different Days”

A new video for The Men was crowd-sourced from a contest held earlier this year, which is truly a nice way to pay respects to the many fans that have made the Brooklyn band something … read more »

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Stream: The Men, “Pearly Gates”

It seems like just yesterday that The Men released their fourth full-length, New Moon, but the subtly shapeshifting, rock-centric Brooklyn five-piece has just announced yet another one, this time with the title Tomorrow’s Hits, and … read more »

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Stream: Hubble, “Mingle”

Under solo alias Hubble, The Men‘s Ben Greenberg will take the tiniest of musical gestures—essentially, a grace-note-like snippet of guitar noodling—and play it over and over again until the listener kind of looses track as … read more »

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Stream: The Men, “I Saw Her Face”

One of the most exciting moments as a music fan is when you get deeply into an artist, exhaust their catalog and then just sit there blankly trying to figure out where to go next. … read more »

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Stream: The Men, “Electric”

There is a beautiful passage on The Men’s new single “Electric”—an ascending, five-note bridge that steps slightly out of meter and out of the original key as it links two sections of melodically predictable, almost … read more »

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Stream: The Men, “Open Your Heart”

Straining at the very top of his vocal register, The Men’s Nick Chiericozzi sounds as emotional as he ever has on “Open Your Heart,” now streaming at NPR. Chiericozzi turns any urgency or anger once … read more »

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The Men, “Bataille” MP3

The Men are good because they sound like a tornado, picking up and dropping off scraps of sound like they weigh nothing. The joy is that it seems whirlwind, not collapsable and planned out. But … read more »

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