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The Shins Covered Squeeze

For Levi’s Pioneer Sessions! Given the influences James Mercer has always kept front and center when writing for The Shins, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that he chose to cover Squeeze, a band … read more »

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Folk? Soul? James Mercer's Got It Covered

Does James Mercer have any hobbies, like a stamp collection or something? It’s hard to imagine he has time, what with all the great music he’s making. Exhibits A and B, Smokey Robinson’s “You Really … read more »

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The Shins' James Mercer Covers Squeeze's "Goodbye Girl"

“It sounds like something I wish I had written.” This is what James Mercer says of Squeeze’s “Goodbye Girl” and seems as good a reason as we have ever heard to cover a song. Part … read more »


Stream: Broken Bells’ Album

Or just read it in translation: bloop de loop strum-a-lum lum crooooooon la la church organ. The project of Grey Album mastermind Dangermouse and plush Shins frontman James Mercer join heads to create Broken Bells, … read more »

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Hear Broken Bells, Watch Kids Hear Broken Bells

These four are too cute. And I don’t mean that in the they’re too cute way you might squeal if you saw this, but that this feels dishonest. That little dude second from the left, … read more »

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The Shins Should Be Done Wincing Their Nights Away By 2011

Lest we occasionally forget through overanalyzation, at its core, music should be fun. NO SNICKERING. If it isn’t, generally something has gone wrong. Either that or you just need some time away, new perspective, one … read more »

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New Broken Bells Video is Coen Bros-esque

If we were NYU film school grads, that headline would be an asshole thing to say. But we’re not! Just regular assholes! And director Sophie Muller should be jazzed to hear such a compliment: her … read more »

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Listen to the First Broken Bells Single

Broken Bells is the Shins’ James Mercer and Danger Mouse. We “reported” on the unveiling of  their first LP last week, now it’s time to fill you in on first single “The High Road.” You … read more »

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Broken Bells Inflaming Our Urge to Make Crappy Garden State Jokes

On March 8, one of the more promising/cute/uncomfortable “indie” collaborations in recent memory will kersplaaat on a record store near you: the debut, self-titled album from Broken Bells, Danger Mouse and the Shins‘ James Mercer’s … read more »

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Fruit Bats: Finally Flying Together

Made a band, not so much a basketball team. read more »

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