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Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys, Spice Girls at Olympics Closing Ceremony

The summer Olympics concluded last night in London, with a music and fashion-themed Closing Ceremony. The show, performed on a stage made up of catwalks arranged in the shape of a Union Jack, featured Pet … read more »

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The Who's Super Bowl Setlist Reveals Ruined Jab At Brett Favre

We watched the NFC Championship on Sunday. As we expressed yesterday, we were pretty pumped for the Saints. One of our friends mentioned how heartbreaking watching Brett Favre’s late interception was, but that confused us … read more »

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Who Is Playing the Super Bowl? The Who Sure Don't Know.

But they will admit that they’re tired of Brett Favre, too. read more »

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Pete Townshend Working on Musical, New Who Album

Eddie Vedder just crapped his pants. read more »

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New York And San Francisco Battle Over The Rights To Woodstock

Woodstock Venture’s Michael Lang is trying to stop “any event in the world that plans to celebrate the ‘40th Anniversary of Woodstock’” as well as any art or phrase that contains the words “peace and music.” read more »

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The Who Unplug For Cancer Charity Gig

You can’t rock as hard when you’re unplugged, so that’s probably why Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend don’t do it that often — but they will be performing a rare acoustic gig to benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust at Arsenal Football Club’s annual charity ball in two weeks. read more »

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Notes From Middle America – Black Gasoline

I have to ask. What happened to rock? Has it become passé or uncool for a band to struggle, tour, play shows night after night to build a fan base without the help of excessive internet buzz or douche bags in the “hip” magazines who supposedly have their fingers on the pulse of the American youth culture? If a band has to work hard to get what they have, is that far less important than the mandatory polo shirts they wear on stage? read more »

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Will Metallica’s Induction Into The Rock Hall Of Fame Open Doors For Other Metal Acts?

Metallica‘s inclusion, though absolutely deserving in every conceivable way, poses a wider question to my ever curious mind: Will the inclusion of now two “metal” acts, (Black Sabbath being the other) clear the way for other metal and proto-metal acts? read more »

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Woodstock Organizers Preparing 40th Anniversary Festivals In New York And Berlin

With all of the festivals going on in 2009, it’s starting to seem like the market is getting a bit over-saturated. But lest we forget the one that started them all turns 40 this year, and Woodstock organizers are hoping to land some of the original participants that performed at Yasgur’s Farm back in ‘69, including Santana, the Who, Joan Baez, Joe Cocker, Neil Young and the once-again reformed Grateful Dead. read more »

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Pete Doherty Kicks Off Solo Tour With Graham Coxon In London

The infamous Pete Doherty kicked off his solo UK tour last night at a sold-out Shockwaves NME Awards show in London last night. Doherty was joined by a plethera of guests, including Graham Coxon, once-again of Blur, who also plays guitar on Doherty’s new solo album Grace/Wastelands. read more »

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