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These New Puritans, “White Chords (Stalker Remix)” MP3

And by MP3, we mean wav. Literally this is available exclusively at NME and they have it up as a .wav file. This song slowed down and remixed by drag star Stalker sounds like Fugazi … read more »

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Video: These New Puritans, "Holograms"

A few weeks ago on HBO’s Hung, Ray suggested Tanya come to the movies with him and his kids. There had been some friction between he and the twins up until that point, both of … read more »


These New Puritans, “Hologram” (Salem Remix) MP3

This is a little like easy listening Salem, all the harsher, more blown out elements of their music is replaced by smooth washes of whirring keys and screwed down raps about Stockholm Syndrome. Positive times! … read more »

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These New Puritans' Video For "Attack Music" Will Melt Your Ice Cream

Because it is hot. Let the YouTube comments guide you: “Attack Music” is off These New Puritans‘ sophomore album, Hidden, out now on Domino Records.


These New Puritans, “We Want War (Sbtrkt Remix)” MP3

Obviously we’ve had him on the brain quite a bit lately, but producer Sbtrkt‘s remix of British post-punk group These New Puritans‘ sprawling single “We Want War” is giving us some strong Zomby vibes. Then … read more »

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FADER/Fred Perry: These New Puritans + Jeremy Jay Sweat It Out In LA

First, the obvious: Friday night’s The FADER/Fred Perry Subculture party at The Echo in Los Angeles was hot. Equatorial hot. Science experiment gone wrong hot. Luckily the complimentary Bass Ale keep things as cool as … read more »

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FADER/Fred Perry: These New Puritans + Jeremy Jay In LA

All you West Coasters that were jealous of the FADER/Fred Perry party with These New Puritans and Shy Child we threw here in New York a couple weeks ago stand up! Tomorrow night at The … read more »

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NYC: FADER/Fred Perry Party With Shy Child And These New Puritans

Last night we braved a 70% chance of precipitation and apocalyptic heat only to watch the chips fall just as we safely barred ourselves inside the Mercury Lounge for the FADER/Fred Perry party. And jamming … read more »

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Video: These New Puritans, “Swords Of Truth”

When we saw These New Puritans in Austin (see also: this post) it was very hot and they said the word “fire” a lot over jittery guitars and stop/start drums. Our thought process kind of … read more »

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Levi’s®/FADER Fort: These New Puritans

We have returned from our triumphant stay at the Levi’s®/FADER Fort in Austin, but we still have tons of video and other stuffs to put up, beginning with this video of These New Puritans performing … read more »

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