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Stream: Meg Baird, “No Song to Sing” (Michael Chapman Cover)

Oh Michael, Look What You’ve Done: Friends Play Michael Chapman is a new covers compilation organized by the 71-year-old legend of British folk music’s wife, Andru, and Josh Rosenthal, of the seminal acoustic label Tompkins … read more »

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Video: Thurston Moore’s Take Away Show In His NYC Apartment

La Blogotheque‘s cameras followed Thurston Moore to his downtown digs where he performed a few cuts from his Beck-produced solo LP “Demolished Thoughts” (out now via Matador Records). Moore, accompanied by violinist Samara Lubelski, ran … read more »

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Stream: Thurston Moore’s Beck-Produced Album Demolished Thoughts

Noise rock guitar god Thurston Moore puts down the Jazzmaster and picks up the acoustic guitar for this Beck produced nine-song LP. The tracks—tranquil meditations on love and Orchard St. in Manhattan—feature swooning violins and … read more »

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Thurston Moore Is Back to Blogging + Stream Sonic Youth’s French Film Soundtrack

We first fell in love Thurston Moore when a friend showed us a Sassy Magazine love advice column he’d done for teenage girls. Now, after a slight lull on his blog the Sonic Youth man … read more »

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Schnipper’s Slept On: Thurston Moore’s Psychic Hearts

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated release he thinks we need to know about. This week it’s Thurston Moore’s 1995 solo album, Psychic Hearts. Listen to about five minutes of the album’s … read more »

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Video: Thurston Moore and a Bunch of Little Kids Make a Noise Jam

Anyone remember that New York magazine article about “grups,” adults who are dressing, consuming, acting and just generally living like young people? Yeah, well in hopes of raising their own ever-kids, some of them took … read more »

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No Fun Fest Day 2 (Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Blank Dogs, Yellow Tears & More) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg | Brooklyn

No Fun Day 2 Report: Sonic Youth, Blank Dogs, Bardo Pond and a slew of other like-minded noiseniks get together for a night of abrasion at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. read more »

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The Singles Collection – Record Store Day With Sonic Youth, Beck, Obits, Kim Phuc, Jay Reatard

As is our want, we’ve flipped the script here at The Singles Collection and in the spirit of timeliness, this week we’ll be featuring seven-inches that were exclusive to last Saturday’s Record Store Day. Now, some of you may be listening to these as you read this, others may have unfortunately been shut out, while other still may have no idea these singles, or Record Store Day for that matter, even existed. At any rate, we’re only scratching the surface of the exclusive platters that were available on the 18th (for a full list, go here), and we hear some stores may even still have stock on some of these titles, so if anything strikes your fancy, best get a googlin’. read more »

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Emeralds, Thurston Moore and Carlos Giffoni, Eric Copeland @ Glasslands | Brooklyn

No Fun presents a night of jagged and sometimes pretty noise at Brooklyn’s Glasslands gallery. Witnessing Thurston Moore abuse the hell out of a guitar for thirty minutes alone was worth the price of admission. read more »

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NYC: Thurston Moore Explains Fairly Straightforward David Bowie Videos

We try to make our way up to MoMA as often as possible, if only just to pound Bloody Marys at The Modern. But tonight there is extra incentive to visit as Sonic Youth’s Thurston … read more »

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