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Free Gucci 2: The Burrrtish Edition MP3

The first Free Gucci mixtape boiled our bass brains and swallowed our car stereos last winter, but the world is very different now. After hearing Zomby crush Gucci’s “Boi” with a Dig Dug arcade console, … read more »

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Seven Years in Ten Minutes: “Pow 2011″ vs “Game Over”

Way back in 2004, Lethal Bizzle jumped on Dexplicit’s Forward riddim with the lights of grime’s then still rising global status. “Pow,” the resulting track was one of the songs included in every non-UK journalist … read more »

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Tinchy Stryder f. Ruff Sqwad, “Champions” MP3

Love this monster fight song over a beat that sounds like an outtake from the new Flying Lotus EP. Tinchy and Ruff Sqwad are refreshingly unconcerned with devouring the beat on “Champions,” nor are they … read more »

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Video: Tinchy Stryder f. Ruff Sqwad, “Tryna Be Me”

We might regret saying this later, but Tinchy Strider is one of a few people who can namedrop Ed Hardy in a rap and we will not immediately dis-invite him from our iPods. Instead he … read more »

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Tinchy Stryder Star In The Hood Mixtape

Tinchy Stryder, perhaps best known for his “Oh shit Gang Gang” adlib on Gang Gang Dance’s “Princes”, has an album of his own coming out next month in the UK and Star in the Hood … read more »

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The Populist View – 05.28.09

Since we have a tendency to look below the radar for our music, we decided to take a weekly look at The Populist View. We’ll stop short of calling our tastes underground, let’s just say we’re pop-culturally inept. So we’ve devised a way to keep up to date. read more »

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Video: Gang Gang Dance and Tinchy Stryder on The Tim and Barry Show

This clip from Tim & Barry is probably as close to a legit video as we’re going to get for “Princes,” the totally weird grime track from Gang Gang Dance‘s Saint Dymphna featuring Tinchy Stryder. … read more »

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