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Stream CEO’s New Album, WONDERLAND

Sweden’s CEO, otherwise known as ex-Tough Alliance member Eric Berglund, has shared a number of promising tracks– including the title track, “Whorehouse” and the shimmering and aptly titled “Mirage,” as well as an unexpected Kanye/Chief … read more »

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Marcus Söderlund: Wide Open Worlds

In the video for “Like a Fading Rainbow,” singer Jenny Wilson creeps through a forest, wades barefoot through a grassy lake and ends up in a meadow with a band of mystical ragamuffins dancing a … read more »

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ceo, Enemy to King K. Rool and his Kremlings

When people talk about Erik Berglund/ceo (or even TTA), they should spend a liiiittle more time discussing just how influential Donkey Kong Country has been creatively. Seriously. “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” is a bonus … read more »


jj Join Secretly Canadian Family

It’d be a juicier infomorsel if we were talking about an invisible family in Ontario, but you know what they say about telling the truth: sometimes (read: within the gilded confines of “journalism”) you just … read more »

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In the Shadow of Things with Photographer Leonie Purchas

As one of our favorite and oft-used photographers, Leonie Purchas has graced the FADER with her probing, visceral portraits of Bat For Lashes, Little Boots and Tough Alliance, among others, and we’ve admired her personal … read more »

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Air France, “Gothenberg Belongs to Me” MP3 + Video

Air France‘s synth-pop is breathless and breezy 100% of the time regardless, but apparently when they’re repping for their hometown Gothenberg, Sweden, they step it up about seven notches and practically start levitating. “Gothenberg Belongs … read more »

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Freeload: JJ, “From Africa to Malaga” MP3

Is everything about this song perfect? The mysterious JJ’s angelic voice. The patter of drums, steel, conga and otherwise. The melancholy lyrics. The most artfully sanguine artwork since Yoko Ono’s Season of Glass. It is … read more »

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Video: Air France, “No Excuses”

Don’t let their pillowy songs and wistful videos fool you, the fellows in Air France were key contributors to our zootedness during last summer’s Tough Alliance cover story in Gothenburg, Sweden. That’s what makes them … read more »

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