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Pallbearer at Pitchfork's Show No Mercy Day Party

Live: A Week in Metal at SXSW

To the delight of those jaded by the endless parade of indie rock upstarts and hip-hop swagjackers that usually populate the festival, the past few years have seen SXSW acquiring more of a metallic edge. … read more »

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By The Numbers: Trash Talk vs. MellowHype

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits. This week, we’re actually taking on two: Trash Talk‘s 119 and MellowHype‘s Numbers, which dropped simultaneously this … read more »

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Video: Trash Talk, “F.E.B.N.”

Trash Talk’s video for “F.E.B.N.” is a far cry from the cracked animation in the clip for “Slander,” but with Tyler, the Creator’s auteur alter ego, Wolf Haley, in the director’s chair, it still has … read more »

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Download Trash Talk’s Bay Area Rap Mix

Trash Talk are touring the West Coast this month, working their way up I-5 from Southern California to Seattle with Spaceghostpurrp. To celebrate, guitarist Garrett Stevenson made this nearly hour-long mix of ’90s Bay Area … read more »

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Odd Future Announce Fall Tour, Release Dates for Domo Genesis, Trash Talk, MellowHype

Odd Future have announced a fall US tour, called Camp Flog Naw. The tour’s final show, on September 30th in Los Angeles, will feature an OF carnival. Several of the collective’s upcoming projects also have … read more »

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Watch Odd Future’s Short Film, “Sam is Dead”

“Sam is Dead” is a new short film from Odd Future, built around the OF Tape Vol. 2 track of the same name. Tyler, the Creator, who just got an air hockey table, directed the … read more »

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TRASHTALK_by_Brick Stowell

Odd Future Signs Trash Talk

Odd Future’s Lionel Boyce bka L-Boy, a former LA Weekly columnist and Loiter Squad star, announced today that Odd Future Records has signed California hardcore band Trash Talk. In an asterisk-riddled statement, he wrote: So … read more »

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Musicians You Should Follow on Instagram

Following their billion-dollar takeover by Facebook, it seems like Instagram is all over the place. It’s one of the fastest growing social networks ever, attracting a borderline-obsessive following among its 50 million users. A lot … read more »

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Letters to The FADER

This week, we started sharing features from our brand new Spring Style issue, FADER #78, online. Below, we’ve collected some reactions to our previous issue, FADER #77. Have something to say? Write us at letters@thefader.com. … read more »

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Video: Trash Talk, “Slander”

In the Jim Dirschberger-animated clip for Trash Talk’s “Slander,” we’re taken down a brief but treacherous rabbit hole into what happens when you do too many drugs at a hardcore show—a fever dream of missed … read more »

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