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FADER Mix: Traxman

NĂ© Cornelius Ferguson, veteran Chicago producer Traxman started DJing when he was eight, and he’s been present through pretty much every chapter in the city’s native house music ever since, from the ghetto house sound … read more »

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Stream: Traxman, “Blow Your Whistle (The Out of Here Remix)”

New York’s Lit City Trax, whose founder J-Cush recently made us a mix featuring a size-able cross-section of label’s extended family, just tipped us off to the existence of a new double-LP from Chicago footwork … read more »

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Download Traxman’s So Damm Whattt!!!! EP

Chicago’s now-legendary footwork producer Traxman’s fantastic new EP, So Damm Whattt!!!!, came out on iTunes this week via Interscape Records Limited. There are the requisite 303-driven, demurely aggressive cuts like “Funky Frog” and “Tha Tekk … read more »

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Traxman, “Shake Dat Azz” MP3

Speaking on behalf of the feminine gender, I’ll admit that it wouldn’t be all that awesome to be hanging on the dance floor with a man’s voice screaming “shake that ass bitch” into my ear … read more »

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Ghettophiles Release Insane Club Sampler

Ghettophiles is an up-and-coming label that’s scrambling to pick up the best in juke and ghetto house. They’ve put together a sampler of tracks from upstarts DJ Heavy D, DJ Earl and DJ Phil, legends … read more »

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Chicago Juke Legends Storm New York, Give Away New Tracks

If you were at the Cove on Thursday night, you’re probably still picking up pieces of your brain and trying arrange them back into the way they were on Wednesday. If you weren’t, and you … read more »

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