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Premiere: Juiceboxxx & Dre Skull, “Hype (Udachi RMX)” MP3

When we die, we want a crowd of people replicating the bridge to this remix at our funeral: some dude chanting There’s no beginning/there is no end while everyone claps, then Juiceboxxx jumps in and … read more »

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Udachi & Jubilee, “Paypur (Nick Catchdubs RMX f. Kid Daytona) MP3

Kid Daytona raps on this track like he is lounging in a turtle-shaped innertube in a sparkling pool drinking a daiquiri: so chillaxed he don’t give a fuuhhhh (and certainly cannot be bothered to finish … read more »

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Premiere: DJ Ayres, Nick Catchdubs and Jubilee, “Flashing Lights Mix v. 4″ x NYC Party Info

Ayres, Catch and Jubilee are having the first installment of their glowsticky NYC monthly since Studio B shuttered its doors, and while we are sad about that closure, the train ride from our office-crib to … read more »

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