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Video: Vondelpark, “California Analog Dream”

Formerly camera-shy South London trio Vondelpark have at last shown their faces, in the video for their hushed, swaying, briefly harmonica-featuring “California Analog Dream.” Rollo Jackson directs, adding a few oil-in-water swirls reminiscent of The … read more »

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Stream: Vondelpark, “California Analog Dream” & Bullion Remix

Vondelpark’s “California Analog Dream” has been floating around for a little while now, but its inclusion on Seabed, their debut LP for R&S (out April 2nd), feels right. It’s a composed, almost rigid-sounding track that … read more »

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Video: Vondelpark, “Dracula”

As Vondelpark, the fantastic and so-far faceless trio from South London, put the finishing touches on their debut LP, Seabed, out in the spring via R&S, they’ve shared a new late-night video. “Dracula” is sleepy … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Slime

Will Archer is so softly spoken that I have to lean confrontationally close to hear him. This sort of enforced nearness is a tad awkward and completely unlike the easy sense of intimacy songs like … read more »


Stream: Slime f. Vondelpark, “Gals”

Slime’s most recent collaboration with Vondelpark is called “Gals,” which we assume is a Britishism for girls. Oh, girls. They can be so pretty and heartbreaking, kinda like this song…and a lot of Slime’s music … read more »

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Video: Vondelpark, “Hipbone”

In keeping with Vondelpark’s general elusiveness, director Ciarán Wood’s stays hazily atmospheric in her video for “Hipbone” off the UK production trio’s second EP, nyc stuff and nyc bags. Though by not really focusing on … read more »

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Stream: Slime f. Vondelpark, “2 Player”

19-year-old, Brixton, UK-based Will Archer (aka Slime) and Vondelpark’s new track, “2 Player,” shows us that two players are often better than one—especially when they’re mates! “2 Player” builds off an appealingly cheesy chord progression, … read more »

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