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Video: Wavves, “Afraid of Heights”

There’s something touchingly grotesque about the sight of Jacob Cooper and Stephen Pope squeezing their bodies into nylons and form-fitting dresses and going out to hit on a couple of dudes in a dive bar—especially … read more »

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By The Numbers: Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits. This week, we tackle Big Boi’s second solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, out today on … read more »

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Wavves, “Hippies Is Punks” MP3

Wavves delivers this week’s installment of the Adult Swim Singles Program. While bandleader Nathan Williams has been making electronic music with his brother under the name Sweet Valley, “Hippies Is Punks” is a return to … read more »

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Wavves to Release Instrumental Mixtape on Fool’s Gold

Wavves’ Nathan Williams and his brother Joel, who records as Kynan, are gearing up to release an instrumental mixtape under the name Sweet Valley. The tape is called Stay Calm and (not surprisingly) the first … read more »

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little jeans

Mr. Little Jeans, “Runaway (Wavves Remix)” MP3

Scope the above video for emerging Norwegian popstress Mr. Little Jeans’ original take on “Runaway,” then dive into Wavves’ extra-feedback remix below. In Wavves’ hands, Little Jeans’ newly processed voice and Nathan Williams’ guitar merge … read more »

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Terry Malts, “Nauseous” MP3

San Fancisco’s Terry Malts traverse in the same scuzzy waters as fellow Californians Wavves, Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees. What sets their racket out from the pack is the alarming clarity with which you … read more »

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Wavves, “Hybrid Moments” (Misfits Cover) MP3

Usually when we see that a newer artist has covered an older artist we get all excited and start thinking about how inspired the new artist must have been by this legendary band. So inspired … read more »

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Interview: Wavves at The FADER FORT by FIAT NYC

…And here’s me practicing some hard journalism with Wavves at The FADER FORT by FIAT NYC. And by hard, I mean difficult. Here’s what you didn’t see: a protracted lead up to the camera rolling … read more »

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CMJourneyz 2011: FADER Interns see Youth of Today and Kendrick Lamar, Get Piggybacked by Tall Strangers

We didn’t have enough pull to send our interns on a sweater shopping spree with Drake while he was in town for Fashion Week, so we promised them the next-best New York experience: CMJ, with … read more »

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GEN F: Wavves

Nathan Williams nearly drowned in the Pacific one night. Hopped up on teenage adrenaline and cheap beer, he trampolined fully clothed off the forty-foot cliff known by San Diego locals as “The Arch.” The experience … read more »

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