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Meet Scott Carney

He fronts and motors Wax Fang, a three-piece, Louisville-based guitarmy that we (and My Morning Jacket’s Jim James) count as one of our favorite rock bands right now. He’s playing “Avant Guardian Angel,” an instrumental … read more »

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Hold Your Horses Test Your Art History Knowledge, Kinda Rule

Hold Your Horses is a “French-American” indie pop septet that sounds like a healthy blend of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Belle and Sebastian and the criminally underrated Wax Fang. That nerdy reference probably won’t … read more »

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Video: Wax Fang, “WWII (Pt.2)” + Interview

Wax Fang premiered their video for “WWII (Pt. 2)” over at RCRD LBL today, and between the sweeping chorus and the stock World War II footage, we were feeling pretty good about the American Dream … read more »


Freeload: Wax Fang, “World War II (Part 2)” + “The Doctor Will See You Now”

There are some days when you want to listen to metal, put a mop on your head and shred on your tennis racket. There are others when you want to listen to prog and play … read more »

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