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Stream: White Fence, “Fragility”

White Fence‘s albums are great and all, especially if you’re in the mood for psych jams dusted with LA smog and a little weed smoke, but sometimes it feels like frontman Tim Presley works better … read more »

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Interview: Jessica Pratt

San Francisco-based vocalist Jessica Pratt’s well-worn croon may lend her debut LP an earthy, ’60s folk sheen, but her intention is not at all about making retro freak-folk. We caught up with her over the … read more »

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Live: Woodsist Festival in Big Sur, CA

At music festivals, more so than normal shows, bands get in competition with the crowds for the crowd’s attention. It’s especially true at big, celebrity-laden affairs like Coachella, where starlets bring a trail of both … read more »

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White Fence, “King of the Decade” MP3

It’d be easy to joke about which bygone decade White Fence’s sound could be king of, but that’d just detract from the fact that it’s all I want to listen to right now. The way … read more »

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White Fence, “Swagger Vets and Double Moon” MP3

At what point did hanging in the basement get glamorous? Maybe just right now, because White Fence’s “Swagger Vets and Double Moon” sounds like basement psych. The kind made by dudes that have only a … read more »

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Stream + MP3s: Grass Widow and Everyone Do The Nerves

Are you still wondering what cassette you want to pop into your kinda cool new/old cassette player that your dad gave you for Christmas after he won it on eBay in the last five seconds? … read more »

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Premiere: White Fence, “The Love Between” MP3

As far as we’re concerned White Fence are a ragtag band of dudes trying to get big on the Sunset Strip but never quite make it past playing in parking lots (actually it’s Tim Presley … read more »

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