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Premiere: Bobby Birdman, “Only For Awhile (White Rainbow’s Want it/Get it RMX)” MP3

Leave it to White Rainbow, aka Portland’s Adam Forkner, to warp his pal Bobby Birdman‘s soothing voice into a chaotic splat of air horns and Lil Jon “WHAT?!” samples. Forkner always seems to be riding … read more »

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Listen to White Rainbow Remix Citay, Scoop Your Brain Off Floor


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Premiere: White Rainbow “Demon Sweat” MP3

White Rainbow, aka Portland’s Adam Forkner, has played his music in a geodesic dome. He’s sat on a floor and made drones on video and we’ve watched it. We’ve made good natured jokes about celestial … read more »

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Freeload: The White Rainbow Summer Boogie Breezers Mixtape

We don’t usually expect such tightly focused songs with actual drum beats from Portland’s White Rainbow, but there’s a lot of that on this mix. Here’s the rundown from dude himself. We will tell you … read more »

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Freeload: White Rainbow Live From A Geodesic Dome

Apparently the new thing is to stage marathon concerts: Excepter did it, and Fucked Up did it before them. Now the dudes over at Portland’s Audio Dregs jumped in the pool with a 24-hour continuous … read more »

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Video: White Rainbow Live

Dudes! If you are having a frantic Wednesday, put this video on loop, zone out to some celestial drones, and check in every couple minutes to see if White Rainbow is still jamming out to … read more »

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