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Why to Visit the Whitney Biennial: Bootleg Jordans, Painted TVs and a Juggalo Yard Sale

Today marks the opening of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, the museum’s every-other-year state-of-the-union on art in America. It’s the last Biennial before the Whitney moves from its signature Breuer building and the first to show … read more »

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Personal History: Lonnie Holley

The inimitable artist Lonnie Holley, and his knotty life As he tells it, Lonnie Holley’s story of growing up poor in the south is nearly impossible to fathom, marked again and—almost routinely—again by trauma. But … read more »

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Interview: K8 Hardy

K8 Hardy brings “fashion” to the Whitney Biennial. K8 Hardy describes herself as a “producer” as much as an artist, conceptualizing, directing and starring in a variety of disparate, dynamic projects ranging from camp, faux … read more »

Paul Thek Comfort

NYC: Bring Your Girlfriend to See Paul Thek’s Rubber Flesh + Wild Bad Paintings at the Whitney

Paul Thek was an American artist who spent most of his career living in Europe. People knew him vaguely from the wax caste of his body that came to be know as the “dead hippy” … read more »

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Meet the Keds/Whitney Live Artists in Residency

If you happened to walk by Bloomingdales on Lexington Avenue recently, you might have noticed something wacky happening in the windows. It was people! And they were making art! They turned out to be MFA … read more »

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NYC: The Whitney Biennial

When we caught the 2006 Whitney Biennial we zoned out to dark video installations featuring Japanther, stared into Buckets from Jonestown strapped to giant wooden carts and ogled at partially demolished walls surrounding giant rotating … read more »

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